11 Surprising Ways to Use TRX for Yoga

We already know that a TRX (short for total-body resistance exercise) suspension trainer is an effective tool for bodyweight moves. But did you know it can help your yoga practice? Just like traditional yoga props such as blocks or bolsters, the TRX trainer can be used to support and enhance certain poses.

“Because of the suspension aspect, the TRX builds not only muscle strength but also confidence for some poses that tend to be difficult or induce fear,” says Shauna Harrison, Under Armour trainer and TRX instructor. Can’t balance on one leg for tree pose? We got you. Freaked out by headstands? This can help.

Here Harrison shows how TRX can assist newbies—and how you can use it to modify and then master more advanced postures. Headstand here you come!

How to Use This List

Whether you’re new to yoga or looking to expand your practice, there’s something here for everyone. If you need to review any yoga terms (like downward dog or warrior I), check out our article here. You can use these moves in a number of ways:

Practice: Use this list to work on perfecting these yoga moves.
Progress: Use it to advance your practice.
Stretch: Use a few or all of these moves at the end of a workout for a total-body stretch.
Flow: Group a few or all of these moves together to create a custom yoga flow.
All you need is a TRX suspension trainer and an anchor point to get started. A yoga mat is optional.


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1. Triangle

Stand under anchor, straps on your right with handles at waist. Place right hand on both handles and step right leg out, toes facing straps. Turn left foot so heel is perpendicular to right heel. Press right hand down into straps as you hinge at the waist and extend right hand forward. Shift left hip back while keeping pelvis tucked and core engaged. Raise left arm and turn gaze toward ceiling. Repeat on the other side.

Make it harder: Flip hand so back of hand is on handles or place hand in foot cradles for a deeper stretch.

2. Low Lunge

Stand facing away from anchor, straps at mid-length, with hands on

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